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Keep your finances in one place and give the people you trust access to your money more easily and flexibly...

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Stay in control of your finances even if you need help.

All your money in one place

Easy and simple to set up with the convenient overview that gives your loved ones clarity on your finances.

Retain access to your money

Peace of mind that your money is in safe hands and accessable when you can’t manage it yourself.

More flexibility to involve others

A fully flexible solution with different access levels, that puts you in control of whom you want to grant access.

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Interact with your bank in the most easily accessible way from the comfort of your home.

Digital is not the one and all. Bank in a way that suits you.

Financial control

Stay in control and manage your money whenever it suits you without having to go to the bank branch.

Easy and intuitive banking alternative

Bank in a way that you are familiar and comfortable with so you don’t need to rely on others for help.

100% secure

A direct connection to the bank that ensures all your transactions are safe and protected from fraud.

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We help you navigate retirement so you reach your goals and make most of your retirement giving you confidence in your finances.

Life is full of surprises. Make the most of it.

Clarity on your finances

Stay on top of your finances and get peace of mind that you are prepared for eventualities.

Personalised to your situation

Advice and ideas that help you stay on track and achieve your goals and your lifestyle ambitions.

Focussed on your retirement

Get support to make more out of your money such as maximising your inheritance or accessing benefits

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Share your wishes with your loved ones so that they can make decisions in your best interest and minimise the administrative burden when you pass away.

Leaving a loved one is hard and overwhelming. We help you cope.

A holistic view of your life

Give your loved ones clarity on all the services you use and what your wishes are so that they can make decisions confidently.

Reduce the hassle for your family

Give your loved ones everything they need to know should you pass away so that they can deal with the situation more easily.

An engaging way to record your wishes

Simple and easy to use with prepopulated information so you only input your details where necessary.


Live your desired lifestyle for the rest of your life, without hassle or money worries.

Life is too short to worry about money

No need for planning and budgeting

Completely remove the need and the hassle of keeping an eye on your finances and enjoy the things you enjoy most.

No more financial worry

Remove the chance of big financial surprises with the peace-of-mind that everything is arranged for the rest of your life.

All inclusive services

Live your retirement to its full potential with all inclusive servives without having to ask anyone for help.