Problem spaces

In the second week we defined problem spaces based on our user insights & interviews.


1. As I get older, death is the only thing that’s certain

How can we remove uncertainties and allow senior citizens to make the most of their retirement?

  • Senior Citizens seek assurance that their and their family’s future is secured.

  • They want to ensure they optimally plan and prepare their financial future ideally where they live now.

  • They save for the uncertain years to come whilst also leaving something behind for their family.


2. Death and money are dirty words

How can we make the transition of finances from seniors to carers smother and easier?

  • Carers need to act quickly when one of their parents dies or has an accident.

  • Carers often have little insight into their parent’s financial situation, and are concerned that they are left in the dark when something happens.

  • Senior Citizens tend to avoid or postpone arranging something because it is boring and complicated.


3. A life where I have no say is not a life

How can we empower senior citizens to manage their finances independently for longer?

  • Senior Citizens strive to retain their independence as long as possible.

  • Society pigeon-holes elderly people. Some people make broad assumptions about their abilities which frustrate them. They might be capable, but don’t have a means to manage money in a way that suits them.

  • Banks are closing branches but not offering viable alternatives that support them.


4. Money is too important to gamble with

How can we make financial services fool proof and secure?

As seniors age, their level of trust decreases in several ways:

  • Trust in technology: they feel insecure and less digital-savvy than others

  • Trust in their abilities: they fear making mistakes which could have a big financial impact

  • Trust in others: they worry about becoming an easy victim of fraud and theft


5. I don’t want to be a nuisance

How could we allow carers to support their loved ones more effectively so that they can get more quality time together?

  • The loss of independence creates a difficult situation both senior citizens and their carers.

  • Carers often see it as their duty and responsibility to help their relatives, but can find it difficult to balance their support with their own busy lifestyles.

  • Senior citizens are often very conscious of their reliance on others. They can feel guilty or embarrassed to ask for help as they don’t want to be a burden